New Webpage

New Webpage

Posted on Wednesday October 11, 2017 at 11:09AM

Along with our new look for our webpage came a couple of questions as to how to access TRAC.  Here's a quick update.
Once you have opened the home page - Mannville Centennial Public Library go to eServices.  As you hoover your mouse the following will appear - How do I  -  click on find a book. This will take you to FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.  Enter the same information you would have previously for search for, search by or limit by.  Select GO.  This will take you to the same looking page you used to use prior to the update.  You will need to enter your user name and password and make sure that the Mannville Centennial Public Library is still your default library but everything else is the same.  Place your hold and wait for the item to arrive at the library.  We have tried to sign up as many people as possible to receive text messages when their items arrive at the library but if this hasn't been done for you please call, email or stop in at the library and we will update your information.  

Author: Mannville Centennial Public Library


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