January 2015

Village of Mannville Library Board
Monthly Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2015

Present: Natalie Clennett (Chair), Jill McLuckie (Recorder) Al Good, Verner Thopson, Bobbi-Jo Groeneveld, Vanessa Boe, Brenda Walker (Library Manager)

1.  Call to order:
     The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m.
2.  Additions and approval of January 8, 2015 agenda.
      There were no additions or deletions.
     Motion by Verner Thompson, seconded by Al Good that the agenda be approved as presented.  Carried.
3.  Minutes of Meeting held Dec. 11, 2014
     There were not errors or omissions.
     Motion by Vanessa Boe, Seconded by Bobbi-Jo Groeneveld that the minutes of Dec. 11, 2014 be approved as presented.  Carried.
4.  Old Business
     a.  Bylaws & Policy Changes
          Natalie proposed that the Policy Committee meet to look at proposed changes to policies.  A date will be set for this re view.
     b.  Emergency Plan
          The final draft of the emergency plan will be reviewed and then brought back to the Board for approval.  The Director of Emergency
          Management of the Village will be given a copy as a courtesy and for any input.  
     c.  Credit Card: