It's Lawn Care Season

May 4 2020

With the warming of the weather comes the cutting of the grass, trimming of the hedges, and even hard pruning of the trees. It is this time of year that many people have forgotten they didn't tune up their mowers or weed eaters the previous fall. And given the summer and…

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Spring Cleaning

April 29 2020

Isn't it nice spring has finally arrived?We're busy with spring cleaning here at the library, as you are probably doing at home.¬†We'd like to thank you for utilizing our book drop; it's great to see our materials coming back to us. It is a small step toward normalcy, and…

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Our Books Miss You!

April 12 2020

Happy Easter to you from us here at the library! We hope you're staying healthy and safe. We miss seeing you walk through the doors, and our books miss going on their own little adventures. Although we're closed to the public we are still available to answer questions or…

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