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Let's Talk About This Book!

July 15 2020

For those of you that love to read about the true, unbelievable events of the recent past, this is the book for you!

Written by the senior research scientist, William Rosenau, Tonight We Bombed the U.S. Capitol is a compelling story about M19, America's first female terrorist group. The novel includes a list of the members included in M19 as well as some other organizations in the early to late 1970's that helped influence their cause for war against the United States, and the imperialist and capitalist system.

This story goes from start to finish, from the beginnings of each founder's life to the bitter end of it either behind bars in the federal prison, or on the run from the law in some other country and under a new name. It is stated in the book that it was rather difficult to obtain much of the information through interviews with the members themselves, claiming that the sisterhood that the women developed while underground is still strong.

It truly is an explosive story and not too long of a read. The story itself is 254 pages then after that there is notes on Rosenau's research and an index section.

This book is located on the new releases shelf of the Mannville Public Library, along with many other compelling stories for every type of bookworm out there!

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